What goes on an “About” page, anyway?

I’m guessing you’re looking for the basics on why this newsletter is different from the dozen(s) of others currently gathering dust in your inbox. You also probably want to know a bit about the person behind this pitch. Here’s the basics:

  1. Tubes is a weekly peek about the world of “advertising technology,” or “adtech” for short. It’s a snore-worthy moniker for an industry responsible for turning your personal data into hundreds of billions of dollars per year. Every Friday, this newsletter rounds up some of the news stories/Twitter beefs/random musings from Linkedin entrepreneurs at the heart of this world, while trying (and I do mean trying) to be a fun read in the process.

  2. It’s written by me, Shoshana Wodinsky. I wouldn’t call myself an “adtech expert,” but plenty of other folks have done exactly that, while others have called me their “favorite reporter” on this e-underbelly. I’m not making any promises about my qualifications here—if you’ve got complaints about my newsletter, take it up with those guys.

    If you want to know how my name is pronounced, Christoph Waltz does a bang-up job in this clip. My website is here, my Twitter is here, and my all-time favorite piece of digital media is right here.

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Shoshana Wodinsky is a cat-enthusiast first and a tech reporter second.